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L'écollègie is an independent conservation organisation calling for young people to take action against climate change. Our mission is to create a world where a balance between wildlife and people reigns, with the hope they can thrive together. To reach this goal, we're finding ways to get you involved in transforming our planet's future by saving our world's wildlife and wild spaces, urging for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and pushing for people to live a sustainable life on our beautiful planet.   

We’re acting now to make this happen.


L'écollègie offers young people the opportunity to encourage their understanding of the environment and of the need for sustainability by getting them involved in environmentally-friendly projects and challenges, to learn about our planet's climate emergency and to act in favour of saving and conserving Earth. We want to give young people a real consciousness of the environmental crisis our planet is currently facing.

The need for awareness of these issues is greater than ever and young people are increasingly taking leading roles in tackling them.

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